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Gut-Busting Burgers and Beer to Go at Harvey G's in Old East Dallas

Are you hungry enough to order the Pancho Villa?

East Dallas memorabilia on the walls.
East Dallas memorabilia on the walls.
Harvey G's/Facebook

Harvey G's

Behold the Harvey G's menu. [Photo: Peak & Elm/Facebook]

Will DFW ever reach burger saturation? Judging by the local thirst for beef and bacon, the answer to that question is probably a resounding no, and the newest burgermeister to hit Dallas goes by the name of Harvey G'sTucked into a Columbia Avenue strip center alongside a taqueria and a pupuseria, this new burger spot is somewhat unusual in the sense that it specializes in takeout only.

Owner Barry Brown also founded White Rock beer biscuit legend Barbec's, as an old vanity plate hanging on the wall ("BARBEC") alludes to. There are half-a-dozen barstools facing the front windows where patrons can enjoy a beverage and take advantage of the free wifi while waiting for their order, but if you've got beer on the brain — there's a refrigerated case offering six-packs of Lakewood Hop Trapp and Revolver Blood & Honey and tall boys of Bud Light, amongst other selections — you'll have to take it to go. (As a sign points out, it's illegal to consume alcohol on the premises.)

Burgers are built on top of half-pound charbroiled patties and toasted sesame seed buns; consider asking them to cook yours a bit less if you prefer it pink in the middle. Topping options range from classics like mushroom and swiss or chili, cheese, and onions, plus a tasty cream cheese and grilled jalapenos combo. (Praise the burger gods: Grilled onions are free.) "Spiral-cut fries" are not quite what they sound like, but rather resemble the Tornado Taters served at the State Fair: super-thin and crispy, fried-to-order potato chips. Onion rings are cloaked in a thick, craggy batter and well-seasoned, and there are also tater tots and cheddar-stuffed jalapenos. Ranch junkies will almost certainly want to tack on a side of the stuff for 50 cents — it's made in-house.

Milkshakes, made with soft-serve, are on the sweet side, but thin enough to sip through a straw without triggering a migraine and come appropriately topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. Said soft-serve can also be had in a plain or chocolate-dipped cone or as a sundae. There's a selection of candy bars up for grabs on the counter, as well as glass bottle Cokes; other non-alcoholic options include sweet and unsweet tea, peach tea, and fresh lemonade in self-serve dispensers, plus a fountain armed with the Texas soda trinity of Dr Pepper, Big Red and RC Cola.

One question remains after a visit to Harvey G's: Why does the house specialty burger, the "Pancho Villa," have a gun next to its name on the menu? Is it an ode to the Mexican revolutionary bandit (there's also a black-and-white photo of him tacked up on the wall), or could it be because consuming a half-pound burger piled with bacon, ham, cheese, hashbrowns, Thousand Island, and a fried egg is akin to playing Russian roulette with your arteries? Either way, it sounds pretty delicious.

Harvey G's is open from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday.