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Sushi Bayashi Hits Trinity Groves in February, and There Will Be Ramen

Japanese food will soon join the TG lineup.

Sushi Bayashi at night.
Sushi Bayashi at night.
Sushi Bayashi/Facebook

Trinity Groves has barbecue, beer, chocolate, seafood, cake, hot dogs, and even Spanish and Moroccan cuisines, so it seems only natural that a sushi bar would eventually join the fray. Come February, Sushi Bayashi will satisfy Dallasites' taste for raw fish and sake when it opens at the booming development located just west of downtown. Located right between Resto Gastro Bistro and Kitchen LTO, Sushi Bayashi gets its name from chef-owner Yuki Hirabayashi, who formerly hung his hat at clubby Victory Park sushi spot Kenichi.

Sushi Bayashi Ramen
The restaurant is staying tight-lipped about the menu for now, but has previously said it would be a casual, "everyday" kind of sushi bar — which hopefully translates to reasonably priced. The words "authentic" and "Tokyo-style" have also been thrown around, meaning there likely won't be any deep-fried buffalo chicken maki rolls or whatever other Americanized abominations are often seen masquerading as sushi around these parts. One thing worth noting: Based on photos posted to social media, it appears Sushi Bayashi will be serving at least one variety of ramen, a Tokyo-style miso rendition with the traditional boiled egg and swirly pink fish cake garnishes. Score.

Sushi Bayashi is currently hiring for servers and hosts; interested parties should stop by the restaurant between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or send their resume to