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Nick Badovinus to Open a Seattle-Inspired Restaurant in Preston Center

It's called Montlake Cut and it's going into the space vacated by Spoon.

Soon to be occupied by one Mr. Nick Badovinus.
Soon to be occupied by one Mr. Nick Badovinus.
Margo Sivin/EDFW

Good news for the many rabid fans of Neighborhood Services and Off-Site Kitchen: Your boy Nick Badovinus has another new concept in the works, Nancy Nichols reported yesterday. It's called Montlake Cut and will take over the Preston Center space recently vacated by John Tesar's temple of fine seafood, Spoon.

Badovinus tells Nichols that the restaurant will be "a love letter to [his] hometown of Seattle." Reached for comment via email, Badovinus says the restaurant "will have a definitive saltwater focus but with a healthy dose of broader Pacific Northwest influence as well." Translation? Expect plenty of seafood, which seems only fitting for a place replacing Spoon.

Look for Montlake Cut to debut this spring. In the meantime, Badovinus and his restaurant group Flavor Hook are certainly staying busy: A second Off-Site Kitchen should be debuting at Trinity Groves any time now, and Town Hearth is slated to open in the Design District come summer.