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East Hampton Sandwich Co.'s Hunter Pond Snags Impressive Forbes Nod

The young sandwich mogul made Forbes' prestigious '30 Under 30' list.

Lori Bandi/EDFW

Forbes just published its annual '30 Under 30' list, and there's a Food & Drink category dedicated to a variety of young talent, from the dude who created the creepy food replacement known as Soylent to the executive chef of one of chef David Chang's iconic Momofuku restaurants in NYC. Amongst all the chefs and startup founders, locals will definitely recognize one name: 27-year-old Hunter Pond, the brains behind the rapidly growing local sandwich chain East Hampton Sandwich Co., which opened its first location in Snider Plaza back in 2012.

Says Forbes:

This Dallas native — with no experience in the restaurant or hospitality industry — recognized a void in the sandwich shop market: one of too much focus on the bread and too little on what's in-between. Three years later, Pond launched his third restaurant location to rave reviews and has plans to open seven more by 2017.

Not bad for a law school dropout. For more on Pond's journey to building a sandwich empire from scratch, scope out his recent Eater interview.