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Mayors Wager Barbecue for Cheese in Cowboys-Packers Game Bet

Hold on, is this even a fair bet?

Pecan Lodge barbecue vs. potential spoils from Wisconsin: beer-shaped cheese.
Pecan Lodge barbecue vs. potential spoils from Wisconsin: beer-shaped cheese.
Robert Strickland / Paula Forbes, a Packers fan

There's plenty at stake this Sunday when the Cowboys brave Wisconsin's near-Arctic temperatures to take on the Green Bay Packers: An unblemished record on the road this season, for one, not to mention the dignity of an entire metropolitan area. As government officials are wont to do in these situations, Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings (per a letter posted to his Facebook page) has elected to make things a little more interesting with a friendly wager: If Romo & Co. lose the game, Rawlings will be sending Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt a delivery of one of our city's greatest treasures — Pecan Lodge barbecue, widely considered to be ranked among the best in the state (and therefore in the entire world, at least as far as Texans are concerned).

On the other hand, if Dallas snatches victory on Sunday — when the forecast for Green Bay currently shows a balmy 22 degrees, in comparison to today's high temperature of 8 degrees Fahrenheit — Mayor Rawlings and City Hall will be the lucky recipient of "a basket full of Wisconsin favorites." According to an Eater operative who hails from Wisconsin, that probably entails things like summer sausage and cheese shaped like beer (see above for that treasure) and let's face it, they'll probably send along some of those damn foam cheeseheads too.

Time to get your game faces on, Cowboys: We've got a lot to lose here.

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