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Cane Rosso Honors the State Fair With Deep-Fried Tiramisu Bites

As State Fair Mania sweeps Dallas, Eater asked a handful of chefs to create their own takes on fair food.

Jeff Amador

As Texans know all too well, the food vendors at the State Fair will deep-fry just about anything they can get their hands on. Perhaps unsurprisingly, cake is a popular candidate: New this year is a fried carrot cake concoction that nabbed the "Best Taste" award, as well as a deep-fried flan cake.

Inspired by these creations, Cane Rosso executive chef and master pizzaiolo Dino Santonicola dreamt up fried tiramisu cake bites. They've got legit Italian heritage, too: The concoction is based on an old family recipe for tiramisu that Dino brought to the restaurant when he started there back in 2011. The deep-fried cake bites are stuffed with a creamy, sweetened mascarpone filling and dusted with cocoa and powdered sugar after they emerge from a brief trip through the deep-fryer.

The fried tiramisu cake bites come four to an order for $10 and are available only at the original Deep Ellum location. Get 'em Thursday and Friday, while they last.

Cane Rosso

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