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Dallas Chefs and Bartenders Spill Their Go-To Hangover Cures

In honor of Cocktail Week, a guide to curing the morning-after blues.

Take two and call me in the morning.
Take two and call me in the morning.
Staffan Enbom/Flickr
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Sometimes, no matter how much water you drink or how little booze you consume, you awake the next morning plagued by a head-pounding, gut-wrenching hangover. The sober life is the only surefire way to avoid the hell that can follow an evening of excessive drinking, but come on — who wants to do that? If you’re a seasoned drinker, you’ve probably got your own tried-and-true ways of getting your head right, but it never hurts to call in the professionals.

So we asked some of Dallas’ top industry figures to spill their top-secret hangover remedies. From the overachievers (who goes for a run when they're hungover?) to the greasy carb-bomb consumers, here are 10 chefs' and bartenders' go-to coping methods when they've overindulged.

EDDIE EAKIN Rapscallion, Boulevardier

"My favorite way to cure a hangover is to drink a lot of electrolytes and grab a bowl of Asian noodle soup."


"When I have a bad hangover I get out and walk around the block with my dog Elsa... it clears my head & works every time!"

MATT ORTH Lark on the Park

"Once I get to the hangover I'm basically done for, so I try to prepare as much as possible prior to the next day. Lots of water, vitamin C, and a run in the morning usually does the trick. The run in the morning is pretty brutal but it'll allow me to get through the day."


"Chia seed green tea mixed with two teaspoons of fish oil" will cure anything that ails you, according to Solomon. That is, of course, assuming that your stomach will tolerate such shenanigans.

CHRISTY POPE Midnight Rambler

"The best hangover cure starts with the classic eight ounces of water and two aspirin before bed. For hangover cures the morning after, I recommend digesting a breakfast of eggs and avocado and then the classic yogic techniques of breath of fire and a headstand to get the blood flow circulating."

MICHAEL MARTENSEN Madrina, Proof + Pantry

"There are many ways to approach the so-called hangover. First, just don't get hungover by drinking mezcal or tequila, or really anything made from the agave plant. Second, stay hydrated: for every one drink, have a glass of water. However, if you decided not to listen to the first two deterrents and instead to dive into a vodka martini over and over, the next day is going to be rough. To start that day, get some potassium in your body: eat a banana, some granola and yogurt.

"An Irish Coffee will also do the trick; it's a more natural version of a vodka Red Bull and should put a pep in your step. If you want to dive into the tomato based-drinks — not a bad idea — switch it up and make a bloody bull, which is a bloody mary with a little beef stock. Try a red beer or chelada if you don't want to go high-octane."

SAM WYNNE Braindead Brewing

"If I need to get up early and get things done, I float a nitro stout on top of a Red Bull and chug it down. If I have time to nurse myself back to life, enchiladas and queso — specifically from Rafa’s on Lovers."


"The BOB from Luscher’s Red Hots is guaranteed to get you right. Then chug a can of ice-cold Coke Classic and eat a BIG cookie."


"For myself, a Diet Coke with a couple dashes of bitters will do. If you’re looking for a more exotic, historical hangover helper, go for a Chicago Fizz," says Campbell. The Chicago Fizz is an old-fashioned hangover remedy mixed with ruby port, egg whites, and dark rum. Should you find yourself wandering into Campbell’s Uptown bar with your own hangover, the bar will pour you a tall glass of his Diet Coke remedy gratis.

BRIAN ZENNER On Premise, The Mitchell

"Green papaya salad, the funkier the better," says Zenner, noting that the green papaya salad served up at On Premise is an excellent choice. Of course, he doesn't forget the most important part — chasing said salad with a little hair of the dog in the form of an ice-cold beer.