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Bowlounge, 9 P.M. on Friday

White Russians + silly bowling shoes = one fun night.

Given the number of top-notch cocktail bars in Dallas, drinking can easily be the focal point of a night out — but if you'd like a little more recreation to go along with your boozing, you need look only as far as Bowlounge in the Design District.

Here, pretend you're in The Big Lebowski as you bowl a few strikes and sip on a Caucasian (AKA a White Russian made with half-and-half). There's also The Jesus, a spicy jalapeno margarita, or The Nihilist, a cucumber, gin, and mint concoction topped off with ginger beer. You may or may not be allowed in wearing a bathrobe, however.


167 Turtle Creek Boulevard, , TX 75207 (214) 741-7737 Visit Website