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Dickey's Barbecue Gets a Hipster Makeover

Hello, reclaimed wood and chalkboard menus.

Dickey's Barbecue

Dallas-born Dickey's Barbecue probably won't be winning any awards for its smoked meats anytime soon — at least, not in a city populated with greats like Pecan Lodge. Nonetheless, the nationwide chain has an eye toward the future and is totally revamping the look of its restaurants, starting right here in Dallas with a newly redesigned concept location at 2525 Wycliff Avenue near the Dallas North Tollway.

The newly opened store has many of the telltale marks of a modern trendy restaurant, including reclaimed wood, subway tiles, lighting fixtures with exposed bulbs, (faux) chalkboard menus, and an open kitchen. Or, as barbecue critic Daniel Vaughn describes it, "Imagine Brooklyn circa 2010 crossed with Jimmy John’s."

The redesign hasn't quite extended to the menu, however: It's largely the same as it ever was, with no trendy Brussels sprouts or curry-roasted cauliflower in sight. It's been whittled down a bit, though; there's now seven meat options (instead of eight) and eight sides (instead of 12), largely due to the space-saving lack of a deep-fryer. According to Dickey's press release, the smoker runs on "a proprietary blend of hickory wood pellets instead of wood logs," which is said to be a more cost-effective — if entirely unsexy — option.

A statement from Dickey's says all future locations will follow the lead of this new concept store. The chain currently has more than 520 locations across 43 states, and currently plans to add another 178 stores.