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DFW's First Cat Cafe Hopes to Hit Richardson in 2016

Muffinmeow is hosting a pop-up in Richardson this weekend.

Scene from a cat cafe in Melbourne, Australia
Scene from a cat cafe in Melbourne, Australia
Scott Barbour/Getty Images

The weird-yet-charming concept that is the cat cafe is popping up all over the U.S., but DFW has yet to get one of its very own. That will change soon if local cat lover Christine Perry has it her way, however.

Back in July, Eater Dallas reported on Perry's efforts to establish a Richardson cat cafe called Muffinmeow. At that point, it was still in the very early planning stages, but now plans for the cafe have taken shape and Perry has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the venture.

The crowdfunding campaign page reveals a proposed floorplan for Muffinmeow, which per health regulations will be divided into two main rooms: the cafe and the separate cat lounge. Muffinmeow notes that "North Dallas has too few craft coffeehouses" and says it will be working with local coffee roasters and bakeries; the menu will include a signature "catpuccino" (of course) plus other espresso drinks and a selection of Japanese teas including authentic matcha. The proposed snack menu includes items like pizza muffins, a sweet pastry called the Nutella roll, and a Japanese-style steamed cheesecake.

Like most other cat cafes, all the felines at Muffinmeow will be available for adoption. Perry says she's established partnerships with a number of shelters and rescue groups including the Richardson Animal Shelter.

A previous crowdfunding campaign for another hopeful cat cafe, Charming Cat Cafe in Lewisville, was unsuccessful — but perhaps Muffinmeow will have more luck: It has currently raised almost $4,000 of its $50,000 goal, with 54 days to go. Only time will tell exactly how many people in DFW want to get acquainted with new furry friends whilst sipping a catpuccino.

For those who can't contain their cat cafe excitement, Muffinmeow is hosting a pop-up cat cafe this Saturday and Sunday at the Richardson Civic Center. Tickets for Saturday are nearly sold out, but Sunday is free and open to the public.