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Coyote Ugly Brings Bartop Dancing and Body Shots to Fort Worth

It hits West 7th in 2016.

Coyote Ugly

Craft cocktails are great and all — but if you'd rather have a Miller Lite served to you by a scantily-clad woman dancing on a bartop, you're in luck: The famed Coyote Ugly Saloon is headed for Fort Worth's West 7th district.

If the name sounds familiar, it's likely because the original location in Manhattan's East Village inspired a 2000 film by the same name, starring Tyra Banks. Rather than attempting to explain this concept, let us defer to the press release:

Each night sexy, sassy, tough-talking "Coyotes" go well beyond serving drinks; they ascend the bars to entertain the crowd with choreographed dances, songs, games, body shots and much more. As for the drinks, the rule is hard-nosed: no "frou frou" shaken or stirred concoctions, and nothing that requires a blender or more than two ingredients to make.

Reviews for the NYC location describe it as a down-and-dirty dive bar that frequently plays host to bachelorette parties, where brides-to-be can wild out one last time with shots and drunken dancing on the bar; there's also a wall hung with bras, though it's not clear if they originated from the patrons or the bartenders.

Coyote Ugly is set to begin slinging drinks at 3001 Bledsoe Street in early 2016; it will be the brand's third Texas location, following Austin and San Antonio. Here's a video shot at the NYC location — which astute observers may notice seems an awful lot like a strip club with more clothing: