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Chef Spotting: Grant Achatz and the Alinea Team Dined in Dallas Last Night

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The Chicagoans popped up at Uchi and Black Swan Saloon.

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

What the heck is heralded chef Grant Achatz of Chicago's three Michelin-starred Alinea doing in Dallas? Yesterday the chef's Instagram feed revealed he — along with staffers from the famed Alinea as well as its sister cocktail bar, the Aviary — had touched down at Love Field:

Alinea and Aviary crew has landed in Dallas

A photo posted by Grant Achatz (@grant_achatz) on

Later, Achatz posted a photo of the crew dining at Uptown sushi sensation Uchi:

The team regrouping and having an awesome meal @uchidallas before art plus music #krug and @alinearestaurant

A photo posted by Grant Achatz (@grant_achatz) on

Photos of the group having a nightcap at Black Swan Saloon in Deep Ellum surfaced last night, too, setting off a small flurry of tweets and Instagram comments about just what the heck Achatz & co. might be doing here in Dallas.

Don't get too excited: Alinea co-owner Nick Kokonas says via email the crew was simply in town to cook for a one-night private event with ritzy Champagne house Krug. To satisfy your Alinea urges, you'll still need to hop on a flight to Chi-town — or Madrid, where the restaurant will be hosting an extended pop-up starting in January 2016.