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Back Home BBQ Is Serving Brisket From a Drive Thru Window on Ross Ave

Yup, you can get brisket without even having to get out of your car.

Back Home BBQ/Facebook
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Dallas has plenty of barbecue options, to be sure, but pretty much nowhere offers the ability to swing through and pick up a pound of perfectly smoked brisket and sausage in the same time that you could order a terrible fast-food dinner. Enter Back Home BBQ —a no-line, no-wait fast-casual barbecue restaurant complete with drive-thru window.

Back Home BBQ has been on the radar for a while, originally opening its doors in February of this year. Quality issues caused the owners to close the doors and re-think the concept. As co-owner Jeff Wells told GuideLive last week, the "re-boot" includes improvements to the restaurant’s smoker, updating the decor, and completely re-thinking the menu. "It was an enormous soul-searching quest," he said. "We got the meat sweats a lot."

Back Home BBQ opened its doors on Saturday, hosting a free viewing of  the Holly Helm-Ronda Rousey fight to further entice hungry diners. Locals likely didn’t even recognize the building, which used to be home to Yin's Wok. In addition to rebuilding the menu, Wells and Back Home BBQ’s five other owners also completely revamped the building on Ross Avenue, replacing the peeling paint and stucco exterior with charming rustic decor, spacious dining room, and epic patio.

A pass through the window at Back Home BBQ indicates that if they haven’t gotten it completely right just yet, they’re certainly on the way. The brisket was still a little lean and lacked a defined smoke ring, but pulled pork, sausage, and other meats on offer were top-notch. Traditional barbecue sides, including BBQ beans, cole slaw, and bacon-cheddar loaded whipped potatoes, were also on point. Fountain sodas made with real sugar are poured into hot pink reusable cups. All that considered, we can forgive them for a little stale bread and less-than-succulent brisket.

Back Home BBQ is open seven days a week, offering drive-thru and dine-in service from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Here’s hoping they decide to keep their doors open later in the coming months, giving the hordes of drunken revelers on Lower Greenville a place to soak up all that booze with brisket.

Back Home Barbecue

5014 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 (469) 623-1127 Visit Website