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Meat Fight Raises $150K; Norma's Will Serve Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Plus, what the smashing success of Tina Miller's Proper Baking Co. means for you in this especially sweet edition of EaterWire.

Mike Brooks/Meat Fight
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CHARITY WIRE—'Cheap Bastard' Alice Laussade's annual fundraiser Meat Fight took place this past weekend, and the donations for the National MS Society have been tallied. If you didn't have tickets to the event, which sold out in mere minutes earlier this year, you missed out on what looks like a pretty epic weekend of Dallas chefs showing off their smoker skills. The yearly celebration of all things meat raised more than $150,000 this year, blowing last year's total of $100,000 out of the water. [EaterWire]

BURGER WIRE—Thanksgiving burgers are a usual offering this time of year, but Dugg Burger is really running with the holiday spirit. The Lakewood restaurant will offer a variety of Thanksgiving-inspired toppings as their "Lucky 13" rotating feature, including corn casserole, turkey gravy, pecan-cilantro pesto, and traditional Thanksgiving stuffing. A different topping will be featured each day of next week, except for Thanksgiving Day, of course, when the restaurant will be closed. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN—After just two weekends in business, Blind Butcher pastry chef Tina Miller’s Proper Baking Co. is, as the Brits would say, a smashing success. According to Miller, the Bakewell tarts, pork pies, and sponges she brought to sell at the Dallas Farmers Market last Sunday sold out in just 30 minutes. Even after the stock was sold out, a line snaked around the booth as eager British baked goods fans lined up to pick up their pre-orders. The Proper Baking Co. will be back at the Farmers Market this weekend, and you’ll want to order online in advance by Thursday if you don’t want to be totally out of luck. Last week, some items were selling out online well before Market day. [EaterWire]

THANKSGIVING WIRE—For the 27th year in a row, Norma's Cafe will serve free dinner to any and all comers on Thanksgiving Day. The traditional fare will be on offer, including turkey and dressing, and will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the original Oak Cliff location of Norma's only. [EaterWire]