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Monkey King Noodle Co. Moving to Bigger, Better Deep Ellum Location

The original walk-up will turn into a dessert stand.

Kyla Davidson

Deep Ellum staple Monkey King Noodle Co. is about to make some serious upgrades. The tiny walk-up stand is going brick-and-mortar, but Deep Ellum dwellers need not fret: It's not going far, taking up residence just a few doors down on Main Street (across from All Good Cafe).

The new location will have a larger kitchen that'll enable the noodle masters to expand their menu — think potstickers and seasonal stir-fries — plus there will be indoor seating for around 30 people, a spacious outdoor area, and (gasp) an actual bathroom. There will also be beer and wine on offer. The building will also be outfitted with a garage door that Chen says will continue the street food feel of the original.

Oh, and about the original walk-up stand: The Monkey King crew is holding onto it, with plans to turn it into a dessert spot showcasing Asian-influenced ice cream and sweets. "Basically the stuff we liked eating as kids taken to the next level," Chen explains.

There's a fair amount of construction to be done on the space, but Chen is optimistic that it could open in time for the annual Deep Ellum Arts Festival in April. That's in addition to MKNC's planned Carrollton location, which should join Cane Rosso in the city's downtown area come Summer 2016.