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Watch the Making of Zoli's Sixteen-Pound Pizza, the Meatzilla 2.0

Long may it reign.

Is Zoli's on a quest to topple Pizza Hut? Jay Jerrier's New York-style pizzeria has a fearsome creation it's dubbed the Meatzilla 2.0, and it rivals any of the strange creations the Hut has put out in recent years. (Probably tastes a lot better, too.) This beast of a pie is stuffed with mozzarella, soppressata, sliced meatballs, and italian sausage, with a ring of mini garlic knots encircling the crust; it's then par-baked before pizza master Lee Hunzinger adds more sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. No wonder each slices weighs a gut-busting two pounds.

Find it at Zoli's every Thursday from 5 p.m. till sold out.

Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern

202 W Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208 214-942-9654 Visit Website