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12 Restaurants Will Open at the Dallas Farmers Market in December; Lewisville's Cat Cafe Reconcepts

Plus, a particularly involved restaurant scam in today's daily dose of bite-sized Dallas food news.

Don't be sad, kitten. We'll still come hang at The Charming Cat Corner.
Don't be sad, kitten. We'll still come hang at The Charming Cat Corner.
The Charming Cat Corner
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‘BURBS WIRE – Earlier this year, an enterprising cat rescue called Kitty Save announced a $30,000 Kickstarter campaign to open DFW’s first cat cafe in Lewisville. On December 4, the Charming Cat Corner (formerly Cafe) will finally open its doors in Vista Ridge Mall, but not exactly in the way that we originally expected. Instead, Kitty Save’s Bev Freed tells Eater that the group has decided to forgo serving "light snacks and drinks" altogether. The renamed Charming Cat Corner will instead pair with the mall’s existing food vendors to hand out coupons for discounted snacks and drinks once you’re done hanging out with the cats. Cheaper food court pretzels and hanging out with cats still sounds like a win-win, right? [EaterWire]

SCAM WIRE – Restaurateurs and chefs beware — a "mother-daughter" duo has scammed at least 4 Dallas restaurants over the past several weeks using a clever "broken glass" scheme. According to SideDish’s Nancy Nichols, the two women enjoy a nice dinner before presenting their server with shards of "glass on the plate and a bloody napkin." The duo then claims that the glass has caused a broken tooth or crown and demand $2,500 as a "co-pay" for an expensive dental procedure, complete with forged documents from a dentist. Highland Park Police are investigating the scam, and restaurant managers are urged to photograph the thieves, but otherwise pretend to take their information like any other accident claim. [SideDish]

MARKET WIRE – If you’ve been paying attention to the $65 million renovation of the Dallas Farmers Market, all that watching is finally about to pay off. On December 11, The Market will "soft-open" at 10 a.m., which means that a dozen eateries will open their doors overnight. Among them are the self-explanatory Caribbean Cabana and Cajun Tailgators, Chef Joanne Bondy’s much-anticipated sandwich and soup spot Stocks & Bondy, and an outpost of Taqueria La Ventana. Other planned restaurants, like Palmieri Cafe and Si Tapas will open "later, when construction is complete." [GuideLive]