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Kitchen LTO Is Searching For Its Next Chef

Anastacia Quinones' last day is February 28.

Plates from a new chef will soon grace these tables.
Plates from a new chef will soon grace these tables.
Garrett Hall [EDFW]
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At Kitchen LTO, all good things (or not-so-good things) must come to an end. The "permanent pop-up" restaurant has seen five chefs come and go since opening just a little over three years ago, and it’s now time for current chef Anastacia Quinones to move on to her next venture. Quinones’ tenure is drawing to a close, and now, Kitchen LTO is looking for its sixth chef.

Today, the concept announced via press release that it is now accepting chef and artist applications for the sixth iteration of Kitchen LTO. The next Kitchen LTO chef will stick around for six months, continuing the twice-per-year pop-up schedule. Originally, the concept intended to turn over three times a year, with chefs serving brief four month tenures.

If you think you’ve got the chops to run a restaurant for six months, applications for aspiring Kitchen LTO chefs are due December 31. Per usual, a selected group of finalists will present their ideas for the Kitchen LTO menu at the restaurant’s "signature voting party" on January 31st, where diners will vote for their favorite chef. Kitchen LTO is also seeking artists whose work will "complement the cuisine" within the space.

Chef Quinones’ tenure will end on Sunday, February 28th, and the to-be-determined new chef will open Kitchen LTO 6.0 on March 2nd.

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