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Minibar Will Deliver A Stocking Full Of Booze To Your Door

Deck the halls with mini-bottles of vodka.

This is way better than that dumb coffee mug you were going to buy for your Secret Santa.
This is way better than that dumb coffee mug you were going to buy for your Secret Santa.

Thanks to technology, you can pretty much have anything from donuts to dinner delivered to your door with just a few swipes on the old iPhone. What is most exciting, though, is the fact that services like Minibar exist solely to bring the booze of your choice to your door pretty much on demand. If that doesn’t already feel like the greatest gift of all time, Minibar is delivering up something extra-special next week.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, Minibar will offer the Rockin’ Stocking to residents of Uptown and Downtown next week.  This Christmas stocking isn't like the one your grandma filled up with oranges and candy canes. Instead, it's stuffed with mini-bottles of booze that will immediately lift your spirits.

At just $25, the Rockin’ Stocking is kind of a steal, especially if you’ve procrastinated buying a Secret Santa gift. Each stocking is stuffed with ten mini-bottles of popular spirits, including seasonally-appropriate picks like Smirnoff Peppermint Twist, Christmas candy, and "Minibar surprises," which hopefully just means more booze. Or perhaps a few packets of hot chocolate, perfect for concealing a generous nip of Bailey’s or peppermint vodka.

Even if the fun of Christmas is a little bit watered-down for adults who don’t believe in Santa anymore, this spirited (pun intended) delivery could be exactly what you need to get you in the holiday mood. This booze-stuffed stocking is only available for delivery next Thursday, December 17. You can place your order via the Minibar app if it is available in your area.

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