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Fort Worth’s Avoca Coffee Roasters Lands In Downtown Dallas

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Downtown's dismal coffee scene just got a little brighter.

It's about time Downtown got a few more fancy lattes.
It's about time Downtown got a few more fancy lattes.
Avoca Coffee Roasters/Facebook

The coffee options in Downtown Dallas are pretty depressing. Aside from a few locations of Starbucks and the excellent Weekend Coffee at The Joule Hotel, the 100,000-plus people that work in Downtown every single day are left with dismal options for a decent cup. That all may soon be changing, as a much-beloved Fort Worth coffee roaster makes its way to the neighborhood.

As CultureMap Dallas reported yesterday, Avoca Coffee Roasters will soon start serving up their freshly-roasted beans at St. Paul Place, the building that once housed The Pearl Cup’s Downtown location. The Pearl Cup ditched the space to "consolidate" with their location in the Arts District, and the space has been in flux since Hospitality Sweet, who took over after The Pearl Cup's departure, left the building last month.

In addition to a coffee shop, Downtown will also gain a new lunch spot. Avoca Coffee Roasters has paired with Bolsa Mercado to bring "sandwiches and salads" to the neighborhood, even if Avoca co-founder Garold LaRue is admittedly mostly focused on crafting excellent cups of coffee.

It’s also an opportunity for Avoca to feel out the Dallas market. "We've also been interested in expanding into Dallas, so this gives us the chance to test-drive it first and see how people take to it," LaRue told CultureMap’s Teresa Gubbins. "In the future, we do want to have a spot in Dallas so this is a cool foray into that effort."

Now is apparently a time of real growth for Avoca, who have also been working on opening a second full-scale operation on Foch Street in Fort Worth, complete with baked goods from Swiss Pastry Shop and cold brew coffee on tap. This location was originally planned for a Fall 2015 opening, but perhaps setting up shop in Downtown Dallas has delayed those plans.

According to posts on Avoca Coffee’s Facebook page, they’ve been quietly serving up coffee in their Downtown pop-up Downtown since at least late November. If you work in the area, it might behoove you to check this new spot out before you trudge back to the office Keurig for a mediocre fourth cup.


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