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Get Excited For Beaver Nuggets: Buc-ee's Is Headed To Denton

Praise the Lord, and pass the Beaver Nuggets.

Get ready for snacks and the cleanest bathrooms in Texas, Denton.
Get ready for snacks and the cleanest bathrooms in Texas, Denton.

For too long, Dallas-Fort Worth has been in serious need of more Buc-ee’s. The Central Texas-based gas station and packaged foods mecca that is a must on any drive to Houston or Austin opened its first DFW location in Terrell earlier this year, and snack lovers rejoiced. Now, a new outpost of Buc-ee's is headed to Denton.

As WFAA first reported late last night, the Denton City Council has approved an $8 million, 22-year tax incentive package for the Texas-based chain to open a location along I-35 on an undeveloped, 38-acre plot of land near the city’s Southridge residential area.

According to WFAA, the debate over the Buc-ee’s location lasted late into the night on Wednesday, with Denton residents voicing their concerns that the proposed mega-gas station could increase "congestion, noise pollution, light pollution, and other issues that they believe could harm lifestyle and property values."

The city council in Corinth, just a stone’s throw from Denton, voted down a similar proposal in 2014. The planned facility would have brought 96 gas pumps and unlimited Beaver Nuggets to the suburb, but city councilors untimately decided to scrap the plan to give Buc-ee’s special exemptions under the city’s zoning laws. That location would have been built just a few miles down I-35 from the forthcoming Denton Buc-ee’s.

Of course, this vote means that the arrival of Buc-ee’s to Denton is in the earliest planning stages, and an official opening is likely several months away. Either way, you should consider the (distant) impending arrival of Beaver Nuggets and an entire wall of beef jerky an early Christmas gift.

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