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Lucia’s Justin Holt Is Bringing His Ramen Pop-Up Shop Back To The Dubliner

Get ready to slurp.

The weather is perfect for ramen at The Dubliner.
The weather is perfect for ramen at The Dubliner.

Ramen lovers rejoice — Lucia sous chef (and noodle-maker extraordinaire) Justin Holt’s massively popular ramen pop-up dinners are offically back.

Today, Holt announced that he will host his first ramen pop-up shop of the season at The Dubliner on Monday, December 7, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. These chilly temperatures are perfect for slurping up a bowl of Holt’s locally-famous noodles, and this time, you can get to them earlier than ever.

On the menu is Holt’s signature chicken & pork shoyu ramen, along with Sumibiyaki-style (char-grilled) yakitori skewers. Holt will grill locally-raised kawa (chicken skin), kimo (chicken liver), and momo (chicken thighs) over binchotan (white charcoal), and serve them up on skewers for a mere $2 each. A bowl of ramen will cost you a paltry $10. Holt's pop-ups are always cash-only, so make sure to hit an ATM before heading to Lower Greenville.

Holt will take over the kitchen at The Dubliner, where he held his most recent pop-up dinner in March of this year. Unlike previous dinners, though, you won’t have to wait until midnight to get your hands on a steaming hot bowl of ramen. Holt will start ladling broth into bowls around 7 p.m. on Monday, and continue service until all those noodles have been devoured.

"This is my first foray into hosting a pop up so early in the evening. I am excited about the earlier time slot because I think it will allow for a diverse group of people that may not have had the chance to check out any of my late night pop ups," Holt said via press release. You might want to get there even earlier, though, as the previous 12 a.m. dinners frequently sold out within an hour.


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