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TJ's Seafood Market Provides Unlikely Safe Haven for Orphaned Lobster

Snappy The Lobster is now living large in the tanks at TJ’s Seafood.

Snappy The Lobster got a second chance at life.
Snappy The Lobster got a second chance at life.
Flickr/Jan Backendorf

Generally, when lobsters leave the counter at TJ’s Seafood, they’re destined for a large pot of boiling water and plenty of drawn butter. One anonymous seafood enthusiast, though, decided that they couldn’t go through with the ritualistic steaming of Snappy, a lobster that had been purchased from TJ’s just hours earlier.

Yesterday, employees at the TJ’s Seafood location at Preston and Royal found a small styrofoam cooler outside the restaurant’s back door. Attached to the cooler was a note that read "Please take Snappy the lobster in. I can’t kill him."

courtesy TJ's Seafood

courtesy TJ's Seafood

Snappy was found in good condition, and TJ’s owner Jon Alexis reports that he’s settled in quite nicely upon his return.

"Snappy is alive and well.  Despite security concerns, we took this refugee into our home," said Alexis in a statement to Eater Dallas. "Now he is living the American dream - he has a hoverboard, argues about politics on the internet all day and can't wait for Adele's next single."

Even if that isn’t necessarily all true (lobsters can’t ride hoverboards!), Snappy certainly found a happier ending than most of his lobster brethren. Call it a belated Christmas miracle.

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