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Revolver Taco Lounge Will Stay Open In Fort Worth

Taco lovers, rejoice.

Praise be – Revolver Taco Lounge is staying in Fort Worth.
Praise be – Revolver Taco Lounge is staying in Fort Worth.
Revolver Taco Lounge/Facebook
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Earlier this week, we learned that Fort Worth taqueria Revolver Taco Lounge, scheduled for an impending closing, would possibly be able to keep its doors open. A post on Revolver's Facebook page urged diners to shout "take the deal!" at owner Regino Rojas in hopes of keeping the location open.

It would appear that the taco gods have granted our salsa-covered wishes. The Taco Trail reported this morning that Rojas did, in fact, decide to take the deal. According the post on taco expert Jose R. Ralat's blog, Rojas has signed a six-month extension on his lease. Perhaps most importantly, the new lease agreement includes an option to renew.

"I was ready to walk away," Rojas told Ralat. "I was ready to change the skin of Revolver and open a new one in Dallas. But the people made noise." To be sure, Fort Worth devotees of Revolver's most-excellent tortillas and tripas will be glad that they don't have to make the haul all way to Dallas to enjoy Rojas' tacos.

The Taco Trail's post also confirms that Revolver Deep Ellum and Purepecha, the Michoacan-style restaurant that will be led by Rojas' mother Juanita, are still on track for a "late February/early March 2016 opening."

Revolver Taco Lounge

2822 W 7th St, Fort Worth, TX 76107 (817) 820-0122