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BBBop Brings Korean Fried Chicken & Cocktails To Oak Cliff Next Week

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Takeaway Korean fried chicken is a beautiful thing.

The biggest and best BBbop yet.
The biggest and best BBbop yet.
Mario Zie

Fast-casual Korean fusion spot BBbop has been one of Dallas’ most exciting restaurant success stories of the past few years. After opening an original location of the build-your-own bibimbap shop in Carrollton in 2008, Greg and Sandy Bussey have since expanded to two prime locations on Greenville Avenue, and now, the husband and wife duo will launch their biggest, best BBbop yet next week.

Announced via press release this morning, BBbop Seoul Kitchen R&D will open its doors next Monday, December 14. In addition to the Korean-style comfort food that you’ll find at the other BBbop locations, there will also be a "R&D" (research and development) menu, which the concept will use to try out new dishes. "It’s a supplement and specific to this location only," co-owner Sandy Bussey said in the release. "If an item is well received here, we may implement it at our other locations. But, the R&D menu will change often and is something we intend to have a lot of fun with."

As residents of Oak Cliff, the Busseys have been crafting the perfect neighborhood restaurant for a while. "Greg and I have been eyeing this building for a long time," says Sandy Bussey. We felt there was an opportunity for more ethnic food but also affordable dining in our neighborhood."

This location of BBbop also comes with a few more additions to get really excited about, and that doesn’t just include the menu. If you find yourself craving BBbop’s signature spicy-sweet Korean fried chicken, you can head to Oak Cliff and order it directly from a walk-up window specifically for fried chicken and to-go orders.

Perhaps even more excitingly, the restaurant will feature a full bar with cocktails, and a spacious patio on which to drink them. The patio will also have a bocce ball court, which seems to be the unofficial sport of Oak Cliff.

The first incarnation of the R&D menu, created by Sandy Bussey, includes a kalbi stew with braised short ribs, kimchi & kale fried rice with served pork belly or SPAM, and acorn soba noodles with kimchi relish and poached egg. The cocktail menu looks equally solid, most notably the bizarre (but strangely appealing) Nagasaki Old Fashioned mixed with housemade teriyaki sauce and bourbon.

BBbop Seoul Kitchen will be open for lunch and dinner starting next Monday.

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