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Parliament Debuts Molecular Cocktail Menu

Brace yourself for spherified gin, edible glass, and Peychaud's cotton candy.

The molecular trend in the culinary world is pretty much done. Diners have grown tired of popping edible bubbles filled with scented essences, which means that chefs are, for the most part, returning to the classics. In the cocktail world, mixologists are still experimenting with these frequently awe-inspiring creations, likely because they fit in nicely with the bartender’s unofficial role as showman.

Now, Parliament, Uptown’s fanciest drinking establishment, is bringing the first molecular cocktail program right here to Dallas, a city that is arriving perhaps a little late to the trend.

Conceived by Parliament co-owner Andrew Brimecome and a “top-secret, world-renowned” molecular chef, the new molecular cocktail program will utilize the same techniques that chefs like Ferran Adria and Thomas Keller used to produce the modernist cuisine restaurant. At Parliament, though, these new spheres, foams, airs, and “caviars” are going to get you drunk, and that’s pretty damn exciting.

The inaugural molecular menu at Parliament will feature modernist takes on four classics — the Ramos gin fizz, Sazerac, margarita, and moscow mule. The bar’s take on the Ramos, featuring “sweet gin and cream spheres,” citrus Pop Rocks, and orange blossom air, looks especially delicious. As does the molecular Sazerac, which is served with an edible bitters-infused glass, topped with absinthe-brandy foam and Peychaud’s bitters cotton candy.

Photo: Mary Fields

According to co-owner Eddie “Lucky” Campbell, the bar has been practicing these molecular techniques and testing the program for a while, swearing the guests lucky enough to try these new creations to secrecy and a serious no-photos philosophy.

As such, they’re feeling pretty confident as they prepare to add the cocktails to the menu, but Campbell does ask that patrons be patient as the team tries to figure out how to implement these drinks into their high-volume service. “There are inevitably some growing pains with rolling out a program like this,” he says. “We just ask that people hang with us as we attempt the raise the bar in our city.”

Parliament will debut the molecular cocktail program on Thursday, December 10.


2418 Allen Street, , TX 75204 Visit Website

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