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The Geniuses at LUCK Are Pairing Beer With Kate Weiser's Chocolates

A totally-not-lame thing to do for Valentine's Day.

LUCK at Trinity Groves.
LUCK at Trinity Groves.
Margo Sivin/EDFW

Chocolate-covered strawberries are played out. Thankfully, the beer nerds at Trinity Groves' LUCK have a better plan for chocolate consumption in the days surrounding what is perhaps the most contrived of all the Hallmark holidays: a flight of local craft beers paired with hand-painted chocolates from fellow Trinity Groves denizen Kate Weiser Chocolate.

The beer and chocolate flight is $16 and includes four pairings:

  • Revolver Blood & Honey with Caramelized Pineapple (Valrhona "blonde" ganache with dark caramel pineapple)
  • 903's Land of Milk and Honey stout with Sweet Potato (milk chocolate caramel ganache with sweet potato puree and cognac)
  • Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug black lager with Truffle Honey (milk chocolate truffle honey ganache)
  • Community Beer Company Legion Russian Imperial Stout paired with Toasted Coconut (white chocolate ganache infused with toasted coconut)
The pairings are available today through Sunday (though the beers and/or chocolates are subject to change based on availability). Reservations are highly advised if you plan to dine out with the rest of the masses on Black Saturday AKA Valentine's Day; in that case, call (469) 250-0679.