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Two Female Chefs From Dallas to Compete on Hell's Kitchen This Season

Season 14 of Gordon Ramsay's reality cooking competition debuts March 3.

Chef Ramsay doing what he does best.
Chef Ramsay doing what he does best.
Hell's Kitchen

Aptly named reality cooking competition show Hell's Kitchen will debut its fourteenth season on Fox come March 3. For the uninitiated, the show features frequently-bleeped chef Gordon Ramsay as he puts starry-eyed contestants through the ringer to discover which one just might be qualified to snag a coveted position in his restaurant empire.

This go around, two Dallasites are in the running. First up is Five Sixty line cook and student Michelle Tribble, who hopes getting yelled at by Chef Ramsay will prepare her to take on a leadership position in the kitchen:

Then there's private chef Sarah Baumert, who once taught cooking classes at fancy kitchen store Sur La Table. Baumert went to culinary school in Paris and says she worked at multiple Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe; she claims she's not scared to cook under the watchful eye of Ramsay, noting, "It's a high-intensity situation... the kitchen always is, and that's just part of being a chef."

The last season of Hell's Kitchen featured three DFW contestants: Tillman's Roadhouse Fort Worth chef de cuisine Kalen Morgenstern, Oak head bartender Katie McKeown, and former Libertine chef Roe DiLeo, who now leads the kitchen at Henry's Majestic.

Season 14 debuts Tuesday, March 3 on Fox.