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Mind-Blowing Rock-Themed Restaurant Serves Jello Shots in Syringes

How very rock 'n roll of them.

Gargoyles welcome you to The Rock's bar.
Gargoyles welcome you to The Rock's bar.
The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen

Out in the eastern suburb of Wylie there exists a magical restaurant called The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen where pizzas are named after Ozzy Osbourne songs and cocktails — err, "rocktails" — are served in plastic buckets. City of Ate brings news of this amazing establishment today, which they aptly describe as looking "like the perverted restaurant love child of Bret Michaels and Guy Fieri."

Said bucket drinks also, for some reason, come with a plastic shovel, which makes sense when you're building a sandcastle but less so when you're pounding unnervingly colorful cocktails. The drinks come in several different varieties, including one simply called "The Bucket," described on the menu as "The Rock's original blend of 5 premium rums, served in a freakin' bucket!" (Indeed it is.) There's also one called the "Bucket Slammer" with a mini Corona bottle upended into it. The restaurant imposes a limit of two bucket drinks per person, which seems well-advised for a place that also has a kids' menu. Bonus: According to City of Ate, you even get to keep the bucket as a take-home souvenir.

The Rock Menu

[Image: The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen/Facebook]

If using a plastic shovel to deliver alcohol to your mouth seems too unwieldy, consider the "Jell-O Boosters," described as "the perfect combination of Rockstar energy drink, booze and Jell-O" in flavors like orange-coconut and cherry-apple. They come served in a plastic syringe so no matter how drunk you are, you should (probably) be able to avoid spilling on yourself.

The Rock's slogan is "Hell Yeah... That's Good Pizza!" and said pizzas come in a dizzying number of varieties including the "Crazy Train" and "Stairway to Heaven," but clearly the novelty drinks are the reason to come here. That, or the fact that the entrance to the bar looks an awfully lot like the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland.

The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen opened in late December; it's located at 2600 W. FM 544 in Wylie.