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Cane Rosso Lifted its Infamous Ranch Dressing Ban for One Night Only

And you probably missed it.

What's under this mysterious cloth? Oh, it's ranch.
What's under this mysterious cloth? Oh, it's ranch.
Cane Rosso/Facebook

Has hell frozen over? Jay Jerrier's Neapolitan pizzeria Cane Rosso served ranch dressing at its Deep Ellum location last night. Don't get too excited though, ranch apologists — it was a one-night-only lift of the infamous ranch ban in honor of the restaurant's fourth anniversary. As of today, the controversial pizza condiment is back to its usual unattainable asking price of $1,000.

Jerrier says the super-sized ranch dispenser he unveiled before dinner service was refilled "at least twice" throughout the night. The place was packed to the gills with patrons taking advantage of the anniversary special ($1 Margherita and Marinara pies and focaccia), and a whopping 550 pies were served.

"I don't know how we'll top it for the fifth anniversary," Jerrier says via email. Two words: Ranch fountain.

Cane Rosso

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