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Dugg Burger Lands in Casa Linda With World's Simplest Menu

It's sort of like the Chipotle of burgers.

A new fast-casual burger place just opened at the Casa Linda shopping center near White Rock Lake, and in the midst of burger-saturated Dallas this one manages to differentiate itself from the rest. Dugg Burger's somewhat gimmicky premise is that part of the top bun is "dugg" out to make more room for toppings, but it's well-executed thanks to quality ingredients and a dead-simple menu.

The pictorial menu posted above the counter offers only one size of burger and one size of fries; you can get them a la carte or in a combo with a soda ($10) or a beer ($13), and the only other real option at this point is to choose your cheese (Swiss, American, or pepper jack) or make it a double with an additional patty (an extra $3 on top of the $7 burger). The kitchen gets to work cooking the burger, and in the meantime a friendly counter-person grabs a toasty, buttery Village Baking Co. bun with part "dugg" out and loads it up with toppings of your choice.

There are 12 toppings on display for pointing out, Chipotle-style — think fried onion strings, jalapenos, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and the Thousand Island-esque "Dugg sauce" — plus a rotating "Lucky 13th," which is currently a Cholula ranch sauce. (All toppings are included in the burger price, so might as well load 'em up.)

At this point the burger emerges from the kitchen and is united with the bun and toppings, then brought to your table. Made with a 75/25 chuck blend, the patties are of medium thickness, juicy and not packed too tightly; fries are of the crispy shoestring variety. There are a half-dozen or so canned and bottled beers on offer, all local selections from Revolver Brewing and Four Corners.

The only other item on the menu is bread pudding, a 50-year-old family recipe that's made from the "dugg" out portion of the buns. Served warm with a light dousing of caramel sauce, the portion is diminutive enough to devour in its entirety even when you've just inhaled a burger and fries.

The simple concept seems born to expand with multiple outlets, and according to head of operations Greg Watson, that's exactly what Dugg Burger hopes to do. For now, judging by the number of young families already swarming the dining room, it seems Casa Linda is welcoming its new burger option.

Dugg Burger

9540 Garland Rd Ste E407, Dallas, TX 75218 Visit Website