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Yum Brands is Opening a Second Super Chix in Far North Dallas

The fast food giant's Chick-Fil-A competitor is apparently expanding.

The first SuperChix in Arlington.
The first SuperChix in Arlington.

Looks like Doritos Locos taco-peddling fast food conglomerate Yum Brands is preparing to open a second DFW location of their test concept Super Chix: A certificate of occupancy for "Super Chix #2" has been issued for 14999 Preston Road, a strip center located at the intersection with Belt Line Road in North Dallas.

The first Super Chix opened near the University of Texas at Arlington in April of last year. The menu, which focuses on fried chicken sandwiches garnished simply with pickles and chicken tenders, is obviously an attempt to emulate cult-favorite Southern chain Chick-Fil-A — though it's got plenty of original items as well, from fresh-made frozen custard in flavors like fluffernutter and salted caramel to hand-cut fries with rosemary-black pepper seasoning. (Interestingly, there's already a Chick-Fil-A at the Preston and Belt Line intersection where it seems the second Super Chix is headed.)

Dallas has proved to be fertile ground for Yum Brands test concepts; the company opened two Banh Shop locations last year, one on SMU Boulevard and the other at DFW Airport. Unsuspecting patrons would likely never suspect either restaurant's KFC and Taco Bell lineage, given the modern design and relatively high quality of food and service found at both. Don't necessarily expect to see Super Chix locations popping up all over the country, though: A Yum Brands rep told the Dallas Morning News last year that they had "no plans to expand Super Chix within the U.S." and that the concept was instead "intended for markets outside the U.S."