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Critics Have Praise for Small Brewpub and Remedy

Plus, great barbecue in Grapevine and East Dallas mainstay Urbano Cafe.

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Scott Reitz weighed in on Small Brewpub: This recently opened brewpub on Oak Cliff's Jefferson Boulevard "is impossible to overlook" thanks to truly unique food from former FT33 sous chef Misti Norris. Fried chicken feet are "outstanding," if a bit "savage" to eat." Pickled eggs surpass the versions served at other bars by a mile, and fried maitake mushrooms make "a formidable bar snack." "Not all the dishes are as successful in execution, but "when all of the components on one of Norris' plates come together the way they should, the results are really beautiful," with "a style and flair that's unique in the local culinary scene." Reitz finds the order-at-the-bar setup clunky, but the house-brewed beers are "solid" and "affordable" cocktails are "refined but not showy." [Observer]

Teresa Gubbins reviewed Remedy: This "savvy concoction" from HG Sply Co. owner Elias Pope has a simple menu that "can sound pedestrian on paper," but Chef Danyele McPherson provides "a consistent hand and gourmet flair" to dishes like a housemade bologna sandwich, a classic burger, and a BLT. Fried chicken comes with "a shaggy crust and flavorful mashed potatoes," while a vegetarian option of mushroom and sweet potato pot pie boasts a "flaky yet firm" and attractive crust. Save room for dessert; both the pies and sundaes are "are sophisticated and not too sweet." []

Daniel Vaughn checked out Meat U Anywhere BBQ: Grapevine's newest barbecue destination "brings a new level of quality barbecue to this area." The Friday-and-Saturday-only option of beef ribs ("falling apart tender" with "a hefty bark and tons of flavor") is a standout. Brisket "had great flavor and showed potential, but skip the lean for now." A "good and smoky" half-chicken is a good value at $8, and St. Louis-style pork ribs are declared "solid."  "Sides were a mixed bag" that included a weird ramen noodle slaw and weak mac and cheese; better were beans, classic potato salad, and "crisp and pleasantly salty" fries. [TMBBQ]

Mark Vamos went to Urbano Cafe: This "funky, ultracasual joint" next to Jimmy's Food Store "has grown up a bit" since it opened back in 2009. A secondary dining room has been added, but it's still "every bit as loud" as always. Some of the best dishes are starters, including sriracha-glazed fried risotto balls, soy-glazed Korean short ribs, and steamed mussels that "rock with flavor" thanks to garlic and chorizo. Many of the entrees possess "an odd sameness," though, typically a piece of heavily-sauced protein over a pureed or mashed vegetable with a few too many disparate ingredients. Overall, "it’s hard not to have a great time at Urbano," though "a little restraint and clarity would really help." Two stars. [DMN]

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2010 Greenville Ave Ste B, Dallas, TX 75206 (469) 294-4012 Visit Website

Small Brewpub

333 West Jefferson Boulevard, , TX 75208 (972) 863-1594 Visit Website