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Happy Snowmageddon! Here's Which Restaurants Are Closed (and Open)

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Stay warm out there.


The Great Snowmageddon of 2015 has arrived, again, or maybe this time it's the Ice Age and we should all just go ahead and build igloos. Either way, here's a list of restaurants that have announced closures today (as well as those who have confirmed they'll be open).

Of course, it never hurts to call ahead if you're planning to dine out — and most importantly, drive cautiously if you have to be out on the roads.

Hit the tipline, tweet us @EaterDallas, or leave a comment below if you've got more intel.

Definitely Closed

Babb Bros BBQ
Braindead Brewing (lunch)
Cane Rosso (lunch)
Chino Chinatown
Garden Cafe
Melt Ice Creams
Parigi (lunch; open for dinner)
Potato Flats
Resto Gastro Bistro
San Salvaje (lunch)
Smoke Plano (lunch)
Stackhouse Burger
Stephan Pyles (lunch)
Sushi Bayashi
Swiss Pastry Shop
Tei-An (lunch)
Truck Yard (lunch; open at 5 p.m.)
Zoli's (lunch)

Definitely Open

Angry Dog
Bolsa (open at 4:30 p.m.)
Bolsa Mercado
Bread Winners
Cafe Momentum
Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.
Dugg Burger (open at noon)
Ellen's Southern Kitchen
Emporium Pies (open at 2 p.m.)
Espumoso Caffe (open at 10:30 a.m.)
Good 2 Go Taco
HG Sply Co.
Houndstooth Coffee
Hypnotic Donuts
Jonathon's Oak Cliff
Malai Kitchen
Maple & Motor
Monkey King Noodle Co.
Mot Hai Ba (open at noon)
Origin Kitchen + Bar
Pearl Cup Downtown (open at noon)
Pearl Cup Richardson (open at 2 p.m.)
Pinstack (open at 1 p.m.)
Proof + Pantry
Reverie Bakeshop
The Rustic
The Slow Bone
State Street Coffee
Urbano Cafe
Velvet Taco