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D Magazine Appoints New Restaurant Critic as Nancy Nichols Steps Aside

Don't worry, Nichols isn't going anywhere.

Not actually Nancy Nichols.
Not actually Nancy Nichols.

Surprising news from D Magazine: Nancy Nichols is stepping down as lead dining critic. She's being replaced by Eve Hill-Agnus, a former freelancer who's been contributing to the mag's restaurant coverage since late last year.

In a post on SideDish, Nichols somewhat cryptically attributes the move to "a treatable medical condition which prevents [her] from eating certain foods." All is revealed in the March issue of the magazine, she promises; that content won't hit the web until March 2, but it's already on newsstands for the truly curious. A long-time fixture in Dallas food media, Nichols isn't going quietly into the night: She'll stay on as D's travel and food editor and will also still post on SideDish.

No mention of whether or not new critic Hill-Agnus will be attempting to maintain anonymity, as Nichols has, but it appears her photo is alive and well on the internet — for now, at least.