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Braindead Brewing Will Soon Delight Deep Ellum Beer Lovers

Bonus: They're making their own bacon in-house.

Braindead Brewing is almost ready to roll.
Braindead Brewing is almost ready to roll.
Braindead Brewing/Facebook

Brace for the arrival of Braindead Brewing. Deep Ellum's very first brewpub — that is, a bar that produces its own beer — is set to open on Main Street any day now. A previous report by CultureMap promised 42 beer taps, a small food menu, and a brewing room with a glass wall that would allow diners and drinkers to peer into the beer-making process. Now, more details on the soon-to-open project from craft beer power trio Sam Wynne (former beer director at the Flying Saucer and son of restaurateur Shannon Wynne), Jeff Fryman (formerly of Uptown beer haven The Common Table), and Drew Huerter (previous brewmaster at Deep Ellum Brewing Co.):

The initial beer lineup will include: BrainDead Red, a red American IPA described as "piney & grapefruit with woody and spicy hop notes balanced by English and American crystal malts," and GRITs, a "pre-prohibition cream ale" described as an "immensely drinkable pale golden beer" that's "a relic of early American brewing descended from Pilsners and Helles." There will also be a Wheat APA ("American Pale Wheat Ale meets Session IPA") and a 6.6% ABV Foreign Extra Stout made with oats and American hops.

Other potential beers they've been mulling over include a very odd-sounding beet and lemongrass wheat, a watermelon-mint Berliner Weisse, and a coconut-raisin Belgian brown ale. Whoa.

As far as food goes, chef David Pena (former exec chef at Crescent Court's Palomino) describes the food as "regionally inspired," "beer influenced," and "scratch made, hand cut, and fresh daily." Expect queso made with "Asadero cheese, fresh stock, and freshly made salsa" (no Velveeta here), housemade bacon, freshly fried chicharrones, and burgers that are "ground fresh daily from brisket, sirloin, and bacon all trimmed in house."

Reached via email, co-owner Sam Wynne they're still finalizing the menu and waiting on concrete to be poured for the patio. If all goes to plan, Braindead could open its doors as soon as March 1. The brewpub is currently selling charter memberships that come with perks like beer discounts and early access to events, but at $425 they're clearly intended for only the most serious of beer nerds.