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Steel City Pops' New Treat; Barbecue at Swiss Pastry Shop

Plus, Clay Pigeon steps up its cocktail game.

This is a cookie pop.
This is a cookie pop.
Steel City Pops/Facebook

LOWEST GREENVILLE—Popsicle shop Steel City Pops has teamed up with Unrefined Bakery to create a new treat: gluten-free cookie pops, featuring a cookie or brownie frozen inside of a creamy pop. They come in vanilla chocolate chip, vanilla brownie, chocolate brownie, and coffee brownie flavors and are priced at $4.50 including tax. [EaterWire]

FORT WORTH—Clay Pigeon just launched a fancy new craft cocktail program. Headed up by sous chef Peter Kreidler, they're utilizing housemade bitters in flavors like orange, yuzu, and coffee-pecan, as well as a blood orange drinking vinegar and a five-spice tincture. Expect drinks like the 5 Spice Margarita and the Killing Thyme, made with vodka, blood orange shrub, fresh thyme, and orange bitters. Clay Pigeon's bar opens at 4:30 Monday through Saturday. [EaterWire]

FORT WORTH—The aspiring barbecue masters of Heim Barbecue will be hawking their wares in the Swiss Pastry Shop parking lot this Sunday from 11 a.m. until sold out. Expect brisket ($9 per half-pound), pulled pork ($7.50 per half-pound), and pork belly ($10 per half-pound). [EaterWire]