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Kitchen LTO is On the Hunt For Its Next Chef

Current chef Blythe Beck's last day is May 31.

Kitchen LTO.
Kitchen LTO.
Garrett Hall/EDFW

Trinity Groves' "permanent pop-up" Kitchen LTO is launching the search for its next chef. Current chef Blythe Beck will cook her last meal there on May 31, with LTO 5.0 launching June 3 with fresh blood in the kitchen. Previously each LTO chef's run was limited to four months, but now it's been extended to six months. (Beck is actually in the midst of a lengthier eight-month gig, thanks to Facebook fans who wanted to keep her around.)

Per a press release, here's what they're looking for in a new chef:

Whether relatively new to a professional kitchen or have been working in this industry for decades, any chef who thinks he/she is a good fit should apply. Applicants must be a strong leader, highly organized and creative with an excellent grasp of food costing. They must also be creative, cool under pressure and ready for center stage.

In addition to meeting all those criteria, candidates will have to go through an individual tasting with LTO's selection committee; if they make it past that, they'll cook for the public at an event in early May and then voters will decide who gets the gig.

The release also notes the selection committee is looking for "something new" — previous LTO themes have leaned heavily on New American fare, though Beck's food tends toward Southern comfort and predecessor Brooke Egger's food was posited as "urban regional."

Applications are now being accepted through the Kitchen LTO website, and must be received by April 10; they're also looking for an artist, photographer, or designer to help revamp the space. Tickets are also on sale for the May 3 voting event, with proceeds going to Cafe Momentum.

Kitchen LTO

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