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Hey Look, There's a Dallas-Themed Burger Joint in Sweden

The Swedes have strange ideas about Dallas and burgers.

A taste of Dallas in Sweden?
A taste of Dallas in Sweden?

Anyone who's ever been to IKEA probably thinks that Swedish people survive on a diet of meatballs and lingonberry jam — and apparently Swedes think Dallasites subsist on really weird burgers. According to a photo posted to Reddit, there's a restaurant in the city of Lund, Sweden called Dallas Burger. Big D's highly recognizable skyline is emblazoned on the window (there is also a cowboy mural inside, because of course) but the food is where things get weird: A burger offering depicted on the restaurant's Facebook appears to be topped with walnuts, blue cheese, and dried cranberries, plus a strange frilly skirt of lettuce and red onion.

It's certainly true that beef-obsessed Dallas has more than its fair share of burgers, but walnuts and Craisins? You can keep that, Sweden.

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