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Jerk Leaves Server Obscene Drawing in Lieu of Tip

Total dick move.

Cane Rosso Tip

Whichever side of the ongoing tipping debate you land on, you'll likely find this pretty reprehensible: On Friday during lunch service, a table at Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum left their server an obscene drawing instead of a tip. Ever good-humored, the restaurant posted a photo of the receipt to its Facebook page with the caption, "One of our servers got a nice tip today! Just the tip, in fact!"

Reached via email for comment, general manager Todd Garton says that oddly enough, the server in question — who also happens to be five months pregnant — told him that the table of two men roughly in their twenties "was probably her nicest table" of Friday's lunch shift. Up until the point they left her a rudimentary penis drawing in place of a tip, anyway.

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Cane Rosso

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