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Pecan Lodge's Vandalized Mascot Makes a Triumphant Return

Huevos the bull is back.


Last summer shortly after Pecan Lodge relocated to its new Deep Ellum digs, the barbecue sensation's mascot was the victim of vandalism. Huevos the bull — so named for being uh, well-endowed in the calf fries department — suffered a broken foot and a broken horn after some jerk hopped up on the statue's back and toppled it over. (To add insult to injury, someone absconded with the broken-off horn.)

After several months' absence, Huevos has been restored to his original glory and has now returned to his post guarding Pecan Lodge's patio. Expect to see him appearing in your Instagram feed very soon — just please resist the urge to climb on the bull's back.

Pecan Lodge

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