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Texas Motor Speedway Unleashes Queso-Smothered, Dorito-Crusted Chicken Wings

NASCAR fans, rejoice.

We're just here for the queso wings.
We're just here for the queso wings.
Texas Motor Speedway/Facebook

Queso Wings

[Photo: Texas Motor Speedway/Facebook]

Not to be outdone by the Texas Rangers and their bacon beer, NASCAR mecca Texas Motor Speedway has a bizarro new concession of its own this year.

The Hawg Heaven Queso Wing is described as "an oversized chicken drumette, doused in a bacon queso sauce and then topped with a mixture of crumbled Doritos and bacon bits." The humble-looking creations come four to an order for 12 bucks, and can only be had at the concession stand at Gate 4.

As you might guess from the name, the Hawg Heaven stand specializes in bacon-laden fare that in previous years has included a bacon beer milkshake, bacon cotton candy, and most absurdly, a bacon cotton candy martini. Seems legit.

Texas Motor Speedway

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