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Swiss Pastry's New Burger; Carnival Barker's Slated for May

Plus, where to drink wine and eat doughnuts tonight.

Brace for the Wagyunator.
Brace for the Wagyunator.
Swiss Pastry Shop/Facebook

FORT WORTH—Your cardiologist would probably advise against eating the new burger special at Swiss Pastry Shop. The Wagyunator is a half-pound Prime Wagyu beef patty topped with Wagyu beef bacon, candied red jalapenos, and extra sharp white cheddar (and lettuce and tomato, because vegetables) on a house-baked bun. Whoa mama. [SPS/Facebook]

OAK CLIFF—Important ice cream update: Carnival Barker's Jefferson Boulevard location will open in May, complete with Pop Tart ice cream sandwiches and chili dogs (made with Luscher's Red Hots). [SideDish]

DEEP ELLUM—The monthly Deep Ellum Wine Walk goes down tonight starting at 6 p.m. Head to 2650-B Main Street and buy a glass for $10, then browse shops including The Mozzarella Company, Kettle Art, Epocha, and the Deep Ellum Trading Company where they'll pour you wine samples. By the time you're good and buzzed, Glazed Donut Works will be ready to serve you a doughnut grilled cheese (they open at 8 p.m. tonight). [EaterWire]