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Rodeo Goat's Chaca Oaxaca Burger is a Fiesta in Your Mouth

Put an egg on it.

Behold the Chaca Oaxaca.
Behold the Chaca Oaxaca.
K. Davidson

Since opening in Fort Worth in late 2012, burger slinger Rodeo Goat has drawn a loyal following for its laid-back vibe, killer craft beer selection, and most of all, the top-notch burgers with some seriously offbeat toppings. Ingredients like grilled peaches, cucumbers, blackberry compote, and pesto may not seem like they have any business being on top of a burger, but like most everything from superstar restaurateur Shannon Wynne — who opened the place along with partners Larry Richardson and Keith Schlabs — it just works.

Rodeo Goat recently expanded to Dallas, and the Design District outpost is off to a solid start: General manager Brad Henry estimates they sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 burgers last week. According to chef Kyle Baker, the number-one seller is the Chaca Oaxaca, which delivers an intense flavor punch with a patty that's got spicy pork chorizo blended in with the freshly ground beef. It's stacked high with chunky pico de gallo, ripe avocado, crumbly queso fresco, piquant Tabasco mayo, and an oozy fried egg that poses a real danger to shirtfronts everywhere.

Now, chef Kyle shows Eater how the popular Chaca Oaxaca is made:

Rodeo Goat

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