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This Monte Cristo-Funnel Cake-Hot Dog Mashup is Completely Obscene

Only at Fred's Texas Cafe in Fort Worth.

Good lord.
Good lord.
Fred's Texas Cafe/Facebook

Fort Worth landmark Fred's Texas Cafe is known for gut-busting burgers and chicken-fried steaks, but its latest creation takes the proverbial cake. The aptly named "Holy Cristo" is a rather unholy-looking mashup of a hot dog, a Monte Cristo sandwich, and a funnel cake: It consists of a spiral-cut deep-fried hot dog topped with raspberry preserves and candied bacon, cradled in a pretzel bun that's been given the funnel cake treatment (i.e. dipped in batter and fried) and garnished with so-called "funnel cake cracklins" and a dusting of powdered sugar. Whoa there.

This absurdity is the brainchild of former Rodeo Goat chef Keith Grober, who's been dreaming up "Dawg of the Month" features for Fred's since the beginning of the year. (Other monthly concotions have included a smoked sausage with corned beef bacon and green chili sauerkraut and a hot dog topped with housemade hatch chili pepper jack cheese and freshly fried potato chips.) Find the Holy Cristo all month long at Fred's TCU and North locations; it's available at the OG outpost in West 7th only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Fred's Texas Cafe

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