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Tallywackers, the Male Equivalent of Hooters, is Coming to Oak Lawn

Men, prepare to be objectified.

Craigslist Screenshot

If you've ever wondered why there wasn't a male version of the skeezy dining establishment that is Hooters, well, your prayers are about to be answered: Brace for the arrival of Tallywackers, coming soon to the gayborhood.

Per a help wanted ad on Craigslist, Tallywackers appears to be a bar and restaurant staffed by half-naked men who may or may not offer suggestive raised eyebrows while serving phallic-shaped foods such as hot dogs. Look for it to open soon at 4218 Lemmon Avenue, the space previously occupied by Lolita's and the Catalina Room.

If Hooters and Twin Peaks are considered breastaurants, does that make Tallywackers a... dickstaurant? Discuss.

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