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Fine Dining Stalwart The Old Warsaw Will Live On in a New Location

It will relocate to a different building on the same street.

The Old Warsaw

[Photo: The Old Warsaw/Facebook]

News broke earlier this week that The Old Warsaw, the Uptown fine dining stalwart that unironically serves culinary dinosaurs like lobster thermidor and cherries jubilee, was closing to make way for a fancy new office tower.

But the proprietor of some of tDallas's strangest billboards isn't going quietly into the night: The Dallas Morning News reports that owner Al Heidari already has a new location in mind. Steve Brown reports that "he plans to move the restaurant to the Montaigne Club building he owns at 2512 Maple" — which is also the site of the pint-sized cocktail bar known as the Kennedy Room. (According to Google Maps, that's a distance of just 285 feet.)

Commenters on SideDish's story about the impending closure seemed distressed by the news, but these days many would probably argue that The Old Warsaw — which opened in 1948 — is past its prime. Leslie Brenner lambasted the restaurant with a one-star review in 2009, and even as far back as 2000, then-Observer critic Mark Stuertz dubbed it "frayed, stale, and tedious."

The Old Warsaw

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