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Authenticity Awaits at Mr. Max, and More Reviews

"Squid in squid gut sauce"? Sure, why not.

Mr. Max

Scott Reitz reviewed Mr. Max: Irving's super-authentic Japanese restaurant "unexpectedly closed last year and reopened in February under new management," and "on a recent Friday night, the izakaya was alive and well, with no signs the business had experienced even a hiccup." There are plenty of approachable dishes here, including chicken karaage "served with a lemon wedge and a dollop of Japanese mayonnaise," "chicken wings doused in white pepper and a little soy," and tonkotsu and shoyu ramen bowls. But the most interesting dishes are the ones "that prompt words of caution from the staff," like natto (sticky fermented soybeans), stewed beef intestines, and the intimidating-sounding "squid in squid gut sauce." Overall, "while some dishes aren't as polished as they could be, the restaurant remains an exceedingly fun experience." [Dallas Observer]

Fort Worth Weekly sampled new concessions at Globe Life Park: If you're hitting up the new Just Bacon stand, here are some tips: Avoid the bacon on a stick, which was overly fatty, and the bacon maple beer, which is like “like licking a hickory tree." Marginally better is the bacon cotton candy, which "wasn't bad, just weird." You might have better luck at the State Fare stand, where chicken-fried bacon with jalapeno gravy is "delicious." Also worthwhile: funnel cake sticks. [FW Weekly]

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Mr. Max

3028 North Belt Line Road, Irving, TX 75062, USA