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Belo Building Revamp Will Include a Very Shiny New Restaurant

It'll be covered in bronze panels and look like it's floating in midair.

Ooh, fancy.
Ooh, fancy.
Courtesy of Gensler

The 17-story downtown office tower formerly known as the Belo Building is on the brink of getting a major facelift — one that will involve a very fancy-looking new restaurant. Last year it was announced that more than $10 million would be sunk into renovating the 30-year-old building; now, more details on the project emerge — which has been rebranded as simply 400 Record, its street address.

Per an email from a rep for the project, the mezzanine-level restaurant and bar will be covered in bronze metal panels and will "appear to float in the space." Former York Street chef Sharon Hage is consulting on the as-yet-unnamed restaurant.