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Civet Poop Coffee Beer Hits Rabbit Hole Brewing

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Manufacturer of some very expensive coffee.
Manufacturer of some very expensive coffee.

Civet Beer

[Photos: Rabbit Hole Brewing/Shutterstock]

These days DFW beer and cider makers are infusing all sorts of unusual things into their products — catnip, watermelon, cucumbers — but a new creation from Rabbit Hole Brewing might just take the proverbial cake. At upcoming beer festival Untapped Fort Worth, the Denton County-based brewer will debut a special "cask-conditioned" edition of its Rapture Fusion Brown Ale that's been infused with the prized kopi luwak coffee — beans that have been eaten and then pooped out by a very cute little Indonesian creature known as the civet.

Passing through the civet's digestive tract is said to give the coffee a coveted and unique aroma and flavor, with a single cup of the stuff starting at around $30 if you can find it. The purveyor that Rabbit Hole is sourcing theirs from, Mystical Coffee, sells the beans (which are roasted right here in Dallas after being shipped in from Indonesia) for $285 for a 12-ounce package. Those eager to get a taste of this weird delicacy should check out Untapped Fort Worth, which goes down May 9 at Panther Island Brewing; De La Soul is headlining the festival.